Apostrophe LLC - Graphic Design and Web Development
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Web Design + Art Direction

Apostrophe is a wife-and-husband graphic design & web development team located in Orange County, CA. We specialize in corporate branding, product design, web development, and app development.

Past clients + friends

Wren Natural
Downtown Redlands Art Walk
Social Society OC

Get to know team apostrophe

Josiah Dahl

Josiah is a well spoken, kind hearted Canadian who flew south to the forever summer of Southern California for love. Affectionately known as "Moose", Jo enjoys Olympic weightlifting and a good pair of socks.

Nicole Dahl

Nicole, the more complex of the pair, is called "Colee" by those who have met her more than twice. Nicole has been "playing CEO" since she was a kid - setting up pretend stores, designing products and selling them to anyone who walked the halls of her childhood home.

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